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TruckingC&R Tractor and Landscaping, Inc. provides Conveyor Aggregate Delivery (CAD) truck services, with the newest and biggest CAD trucks available on the market. The Soil King Extremes boast a 35 CY or 22 ton pay load with the fastest and cleanest system available with the ability to convey bark, topsoil, rock, or sand. They can place material up to 125 feet away from the truck. They feature the ability to be used as a live bottom dump truck and can dump a load of rock in only minutes making them a good option to be used as super solo dump trucks.

C&R uses two hydroseeders to provide a seeder for any situation. We have a Finn T330 Truck mounted 3300 gallon seeder that can provide ¾ of an acre of coverage per load. We also use a Bowie 1200 gallon trailer mounted unit for smaller jobs or jobs with limited access. We can work up to 700 feet away from the closest access point.

C&R provides bark blowing service with our Express Blower 60 CY blower truck. We can place bark for you anywhere you like with hoses that stretch up to 400 feet for the perfect placement.

C&R uses the best equipment available on the market today and with our highly trained operators and labor we provide the best material placement you can find anywhere. From start to finish, C&R Tractor will deliver satisfaction.

For more information, please email devon@candrtractor.com.

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