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Special of the Month

special of the month

Special of the month

Your house and landscape are considered to be a single entity, which is why you should consider professional lawn care and maintenance.

So should you do it yourself or do you hire a professional company? Well, it’s a decision you have to make – Here are 10 other advantages of professional lawn care services;

1. Time saving – lawn care is not a 5 minute process nor is it a once in a year activity; it is an ongoing process. You probably have many other things to worry about such as the 9 to 5 job or a blossoming business that needs attention. Hiring a lawn care company ensures that you can concentrate on these important activities.

2. Skill – everyone can work on a lawn, but only a professional will bring out its true essence. These are people who study and engage in nothing but lawn care so they are always refining their landscaping skills. Skilled lawn care providers actually have the ability to implement an idea just as you had it in your mind.

3. Consistency – one of the biggest advantages of professional lawn care is the consistency of services provided. Once you are registered with the company, they will always ensure that services are regular and prompt. Normally, a gardener is assigned to your lawn and instructed to periodically tend to your lawn. You don’t have to call the company to remind them to deliver services.

4. Facelift – if you want to revamp the landscape, a professional company will streamline this process. Most companies have the skill and experience to redesign per your specifications. With the help of these companies, you could have a lush green patch overlooking your front window.

5. Increase value of the home – if you intend to sell the property (immediately or in the future), lawn care will help increase the value of the home. One thing that buyers look for is a great front and back yard. If they are both compelling, you can consider raising the selling price.

6. Maintenance is good for the neighborhood – this is especially true for tight-knit communities where an un kept lawn would stand out like a sore thumb. To play your part in the beautification of the community, it’s good to care for your lawn.

7. Cost effective – hiring is more cost effective than doing it on your own. DIY will require that you buy equipment for the job, which is rather uneconomical because some of the equipment are very expensive. Professional providers stock most of the required equipment because they are always using them. They also know which equipment to use on which jobs.

8. Soil aeration – correct soil aeration is provides excellent oxygen circulation for your lawn. Sometimes aerators have to be used to remove soil plugs in order to improve this aeration. Most lawn care service providers fully understand these processes.

9. Use of fertilizers, control of weeds and mulching – there are a wide variety of fertilizers in the market but you need to select the right ones for your plants. Then there is also pest and weed control within the lawn. Additionally, mulching is sometimes necessary, especially in the warm seasons, to sustain plant life.

10. Mowing – consistent mowing improves the health of your grass.

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