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Bark Blowing
Bark Blowing

Bark and Soil Blowing Services


Instead of picking up the product yourself or having it delivered and dumped in your driveway, you now of the option of having C&R's  employees spread your bark for you.

No more backbreaking wheelbarrow work. No more Saturdays spent spreading bark dust in your flowerbeds. No more hassles getting the material to those hard-to-reach locations.

C&R can blow the bark in for less than it would cost to have a landscaper do the job by hand.  And it typically only takes 30 minutes to apply a  
10-yard load.

Our blower truck will put your bark precisely where you want it.  Perfect for large areas, hillsides, and spots that are difficult to access.  And as an added bonus, our crew will make certain that the product ends up where it's supposed to go, not on your lawn or sidewalk.

The blower truck is also just the right solution for applying playground material or for blowing sawdust or shavings directly into stalls or arenas.

No matter where you are located, we can delivery.  Contact us today for details.

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